Not that I ever promised regular posts, but I am well over due and will regale all 4 of you with what I have been up to. Being a fry cook was tits. We won awards (I refuse to give free advertising, but I was responsible for the second best poutine in Toronto), and had some cheap laughs. I learned that steam burns far more than oil, but oil leaves more interesting scars.

I have since graduated from fry guy to pan man.

Hot butter hurts the most, and leaves the most interesting scars.

This has done little to dissuade me from this lifestyle. I am now a pirate of the kitchen. I live on jerky and red wine, for some what ironically working in a kitchen affords little time to eat. I have learned sweet dance moves, for as it turns out regular walking will only get you killed in the house of knifes and fire. I have obtained a tablet with the hopes of better documenting and sharing these events with greater clarity and less censorship: the more an idea is rolled around the duller it’s edges tend to get.

Other than that, Hi! How are you?


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