So I started my career over. I went from IT to fry cook, and so far so good. I didn`t really choose to be a tech; When I started you could put `computer literate` on your resume. I am a gamer, and this gave me a competitive edge back when windows 98 was in style. Now that means shit, and there are hoards of folk that can do the same. Now I`m being told that I need a degree to do what I was doing fine for a decade. There is no way I`m getting a degree in computer science to be a cord monkey.
What to do.
Welp, people need to eat, and I have finally found a place that will trust me to not break their dishes. There are some that would be depressed being a 30 something frycook, but I am not one. I`m making about the same change, and people are not angry to see me so that`s a plus.