What was I beaten for? II

Many of us in the west were punished at one point or another for our behaviour. The most common reasons I can think of were:
Failure to do chores/homework
Showing disrespect to authority
Parental fatigue
In addition to the belt, revocation of T.V. ‘privileges’ would be suspended. Most of these behaviours are a direct or indirect result of programming; Either you were distracted by T.V. or you learned these things from T.V.

Does it not seem odd to anyone else that a functioning adult would beat and punish their own child before removing the offending source? What does it say that denial of the problem source is a punishment? Too many contradictions in one place.
It’s like putting out a bowl of candy, whipping anyone who eats the candy, and then telling them they are not allowed to have any candy for a week. What can be learned?


What was I beaten for?

Kids are savages, this is true. What I’m stuck on is who controls the switch? Why was it when I was a lad it was not only acceptable to hurt geeks and nerds, but encouraged? The same people who would hurl rocks and insults at their peers 20 years ago for their love of fantasy and games now watch Game of Thrones and keep a computer in their pocket.
While I am glad to see this paradigm shift, I am very bitter. Why was I harmed then for what is mainstream now? Do these creatures stop and think about this at all? Fuck if I know.