Ever wonder when…

Have you ever been troubled by when that last time you’ll play your favourite game will be? I have FF3/6 on a snes cartridge and cannot be sure if I’ll ever bust it out again. Sure you can play an emulator but we all know it’s not the same. What about Bust a Move? What are the odds 2 people will meet at any given party, look over at each other and know that it’s on? I don’t even remember the last time I played a good game of chess.
Everyone is hard for Cards against Humanity. The game plays like American Gladiators; The name promises something but there is never any blood, no one dies, and while it’s puffed up we all know it’s weaksauce.
I know for a fact I will never again play Diablo on Hell on account of battlenet moving on, no more Godly Plates of the Whale.
Am I ever going to beat FF with 4 white mages non tool assisted? Probably not, but at least the option is there.